July 4 @ Santa Barbara

Here are some views along the shore at the famous walk along Cabrillo in Santa Barbara.  We were able to park at the far east end.  Some would call the “nose bleeds” for the fireworks show that was going to be on West Beach that was on the other side of Stearns Warf.  As it turned out, our seat was just fine.  Sorry I don’t have other pictures of our day.  BOTH batteries died…. time for a new camera I guess. 


 4th in SB '09 001         4th in SB '09 007         4th in SB '09 010


We were parked about a mile from Stearns Warf on East Beach.  I think next time though we will rent one of these pedal cars.  Looked like a lot of fun… and my out-of-shape body is still complaining.  I’m not used to being on my feet all day.


4th in SB '09 005 Don’t know what the deal was with the couple pushing the other couple.  Slaves perhaps?

  4th in SB '09 003                                                                                                   4th in SB '09 004

It was a bit breezy later in the day.  Wonder if they were able to keep their straw hats from blowing away.


Flock of Pelicans This flock of pelicans enjoying the fabulous weather on the east side of Stearns Warf in a little inlet along the beach.


The reason for coming to Santa Barbara was to celebrate Mico’s 16th birthday (his choice) at the skate park that is near Stearns Warf along Cabrillo and the beach. We had room in the car to bring a friend.  He chose bud Scotty.

Mico & Scotty plannin their moves    Mico & Scotty contemplating their moves.  The “OneWay” shirts represent the board shop they skate for                                                                                                      

 Mico Grinding           Mico BD '09                      

Mico grinding a rail.


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