HGTV Needs To Take A Reality Check

Seems like all the newer shows on HGTV lately are based on panic selling, staging to sell, buying real estate or something along that line. In the meantime, decorating and design shows are being cancelled. I’d like to see a little more creativity on the part of HGTV producers. There are so many issues that are relevant to our economy and society that are not being addressed through design programming such as:

1. Aging in Place (our society –especially those with disposable incomes- is getting older).
2. Small Space Decorating (not just bathrooms).
3. Staycations (people are opting to stay at home and spend their money on it instead of travel ‘cause you’ll maybe get some of it back someday when you sell).

Just to name a few….
They do have a new show for renters though which is something I haven’t seen before. My guess is because there are so many more these days. Kind of surprises me they don’t have a show on how to capitalize on forclosures (just kidding).

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