Flower Garden

I’ve got the best cottage flower garden I think I’ve ever had this year.  I think the weather has most to do with it as I don’t exactly have a green thumb.  Here’s some pictures of my flowers.  I love roses the best because they smell so wonderful and look fantastic.  They’re like a decadent dessert without the calories!

miniatcure pink roses ruffled roses touch of pink rose

peach blush rose red florabunda

I love that I have flowers that attract butterflies—these guys hatch pesky little larva though.  Flibertygibits are hard to catch on camera!butterflies on cana 2 butterflies on cana 1

Some people think nasturtiums are a weed here because once they catch hold in your garden they never leave… I hope they never leave mine!

nasturiums  P.S.  They are tasty too.  Taste a bit like peppery cabbage.


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