Stairways to Heaven

Can you get there from here?  Escher's stairs Who knows for sure, but there are sure some creative people out there with some ideas that are definitely outside-the-box fantastic.. even if they’ll only get you to the second floor (or down from it –whichever the case may be).  My cousin Beth Pallai forwarded this to me in an email –so I’m sorry I can’t give you the sources to where these photos were taken or by who.  So if one of these is yours, please accept my appologies (and admiration).

Some of these stairs look like they just grew out of the ground:

Stairs 2   Stairs 11

Some look like they are defying gravity.  I’m sure they’re safe, but would take a little confidence to try:

Stairs 9   Stairs 10

Others like they were dropped down from a space ship from alien worlds:

Stairs 7    Stairs 1 I wish this “shoe box” were at the bottom of my stairs!

Some others would take more than a leap of faith to try –in fact wouldn’t likely pass code anywhere I know of, but interesting to look at just the same:

Stairs 6 Stairs 8

Then there are others that are just plain fun –I love the slide for grown ups!

Stairs 5

A library –not for the faint of heart!

Stairs 3   Stairs 4

This little video from YouTube is from Sweden –A very creative way to get people to use the stairs instead of the escalator don’t you think?  Problem is, I’d never get to where I was going –I just want to “play” on it all day:



So next time I’m faced with choosing …I’ll take the stairs!


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