Rose Bowl 2010 – Go Ducks!



The fledgling Ducks took the Rose Bowl trophy the first time in 1917 when they played against the University of Pennsylvania.


Anybody who knows me well will tell you I am not a football fan… I don’t know the names of many pro or college teams or the people who play for them. (I could hum a few bars if you want!)  I know very little about the intricacies of the game but have a general knowledge of its basics.  You’d think I’d have a little more interest having been raised in a family (my mom’s side) that were nuts about it.  Every holiday, my grandparents and uncles were huddled around the set –all day watching the games.  My grandmother was the biggest sports enthusiast of them all and would watch every game she could.  I also had an ex who was a Tight End (Oh yes he did!) for the football team at the high school we attended.  But for some reason, it just never stuck (the marriage or the game) for me.

I am however, a UO alumnus, and am interested actually excited about the Ducks going to the Rose Bowl once again.  The last time they were in Pasadena was 1995, the year before I graduated.  They lost to Penn State, 38 to 20.  I have a souvenir “UO Rose Bowl” Christmas ornament I bought for a buck at the UO Bookstore later that January.  Of the four times the Ducks have been to the Rose Bowl, the only time they ever won was the 1917 game.  This New Year’s Day will be Rose Bowl attempt #5 –this time against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State has been to the Rose Bowl 12 times and have won 5 of those games.

To catch up on who’s doing what so I’ll at least sound like I know a little about what I’m talking about, I’ve been reading Duck Feed: Rose Bowl on “The official site of Oregon athletics.”  “ESPN SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett, an Oregon alum, closed practice with a pep talk to the team. Everett was presumably named after his grandfather Neil Morfitt, who played for the Ducks in the 1920 Rose Bowl loss to Harvard. "Win one for Neil Everett’s Grandpa" doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as "Win one for the Gipper," but it was a solid speech none the less.”

So Friday I’ll be watching the game with my dad.  We’ll argue about everything –politics, religion, the usual—but when it comes to the game, at least this time maybe I’ll sound a little intelligent.  Since I know Dad isn’t a regular fan, I might be able to BS my way through it…. Awww who am I kidding!  I can’t possibly BS the worlds greatest BSer. 

Go Ducks!



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