A Little Bit of Ol’ (Virtual) Mexico

This set of renderings is created with Chief Architect X3 software. It is a reconfiguration of a previous space I called Talavera Kitchen after the pottery that was in the design. This design makes further use of Talavera tile and pottery. The counter tops are Vetrazzo which is made from recycled glass.  This pattern is called Charisma Blue with Patina.  I like that it picks up the beautiful warm colors found in the pottery with accents of bright blue.  The walls are Venetian plaster, the floors are tumbled travertine mosaic, and the inserts in the doors in the back of the island are pressed ceiling tin tiles that I wanted to reference the beautiful tin and silver work of Mexico.

Can’t you just see a big pot of steaming tamales on that magnificent GE Monogram range.  Those are also assembled in Mexico I learned when I was at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, KY, a few weeks ago.  They are not pieced together on an assembly line, but each range is put together by a team of craftsmen.

Here’s an interesting article about Talavera ceramics, where it comes from and how it has evolved as a quintessential element of Mexican art, craftsmanship and design:  http://www.inside-mexico.com/art1.htm

2 responses to “A Little Bit of Ol’ (Virtual) Mexico

    • Thanks for commenting Cathy. I don’t know why, but WordPress’ Akismet put your comment in my ‘spam’ box and I just found it! =(

      I don’t usually like big hoods over islands either. Though it was deliberate in this design because there is only a walkway on the other side. I could have easily put a wall there but I liked the spaciousness that the island created. I don’t like the rabit warren effect that too much hallway can create.

      There is also the issue of adequate ventilation for that monster range. I don’t feel that a down-draft system would be sufficient.