Happy Holidays

We are still in limbo somewhat regarding our new digs… Though it’s a sure thing now, we are just waiting for B of A (the seller’s bank) to get their act together.  I don’t know if we’re going to be in our new home before Christmas.  Even so, there won’t likely be time to deck the halls. Thus neither place is decorated for the holidays.

So, I’ve decorated this virtual space with Chief Architect software. It’s based on the living room space that will be in our new home and much of the furnishings are similar to those that I have.  Hope you enjoy the view half as much as I had putting it together.  I really stretched the program to its limmits I think.  There are 42 little lights on the tree alone. 

Most of the little objects (like the toys) are Sketchup objects that were found on Google’s 3d Warehouse.  Many of the textures and images were provided by Pat (the 3d Diva) that she makes available free of charge on her website http://www.3d-diva.com/. (Thanks Pat!)

Happy Holidays everyone!  Hope you will all have a wonderful, peaceful season that will be a prelude to a prosperous New Year!


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