Sweet As Candy

Clearly we’re not going to be moved into the new house before Christmas in only four days from now.  Can’t pack either because there’s no room to add anymore boxes and still be able to move around the house. I’m also reluctant to second guess the seller’s bank that keeps coming up with new excuses not to proceed with the closing.  The last I heard was they were trying to provide the sellers with some sort of moving assist.  The sellers have already moved –WEEKS AGO.  We could be stuck here for another month. 

Anyway, biding my time, I’ve had lots of time to fool around with Chief Architect as work is s-l-o-w this time of year.  My newest creation shown here are renderings of my planned office space that will double as a guest room.  Yes, it’s so sweet you might get a toothache –but I like ruffles and bows.  I am a girl and I like girly spaces. 

I’ve wanted to do a room in white with accents of blue and yellow for quite some time.  I also love toile and have inherited a number of quilts from my mom that I would love to showcase in this space.  The furniture that you see in the renderings is very similar to that which I already have –even the kitten image looks very much like Bebe (though we never saw her as a kitten as she adopted us when she was about 2 or 3 years old). 

The only new furniture addition will be the day bed that we have yet to procure.  The bay window iss going to take awhile but that’s definitely planned.  So if being an overnight guest in our new home is in your future you’ll be sleeping here.  (Don’t worry –I’ll be sure to get one that makes into a king-sized bed.)

This is a (very bad) photo of the room as it now exists.  I’m keeping the navy paint, and really hoping the sports equipment border print comes off without destroying it.  This is the window I want to replace with a bay window seat.


2 responses to “Sweet As Candy

  1. Oh Pam, your new office/guest room will be lovely! The color choices are bright and sunny which work perfectly for both intentions of the room. And what’s wrong with a bit of “girly” now and then…..I love it!