Feeling Really Small

I dislike dealing with big companies…. ANY of them.  Doesn’t seem to matter what they do.  Getting anything done with them seems like swimming in peanut butter. 

I got a notice from BIG PHONE COMPANY yesterday threatening to terminate my service for lack of payment.  I knew I’d paid and looked it up on BIG NATIONAL BANK’s online bill pay and, sure enough, I’d paid. 

So, I called back BIG PHONE COMPANY.  After being put on hold for what seemed like an eternity, I got a woman (in Dallas) who I could barely understand.  She didn’t have a problem with English –just really poor diction and pronunciation.  Who ever thought this woman should be assigned to answer phones clearly hadn’t ever talked to her on a phone. 

Her solution to my problem:  Pay again… through their service that charges an additional $3.50.  Or I could go to my bank and have them fax a proof of payment or I could register online and just do it through their website for free… Of course the last seemed the most expedient and I wasn’t about to pay them twice or pay a fee!  But, par for the course thus far, their online registration wasn’t working and there was no place to call because they were closed in that time zone that is three hours behind mine. 

SOOOO, I had to wait and take care of it today.  I called again and was told to have the bank fax the proof of payment to them.  So I called BIG NATIONAL BANK who put me on hold for a really long time and then told me I could print out the proof of payment on my computer, walk it into my local branch and they’d be happy to fax it for me.  Jeeesh! No problem –gas is only three ninety somthing a gallon.  Couldn’t they just fax the thing to BIG PHONE COMPANY?  Not a chance. 

Anyway, as it turned out BIG PHONE COMPANY had returned my payment to the bank.  I registered with their online system and paid the bill —again. Problem solved.

Nothing much I can do about dealing with BIG PHONE COMPANY because they provide my very-fast FIOS internet service.  I do only use them for phone and internet service and have started our cable service with someone else… BIG CABLE COMPANY.  I am going to change to a local smaller bank however.  Recently BIG NATIONAL BANK decided that if it’s account holders have less than 15K in their checking account they’re going to start charging them a $20 a month fee.  That’s a big jump from $0 to $20!  The local bank has free checking and even offers interest payments if you’re over 50.  I’ve been a customer of BIG NATIONAL BANK for 20 years and they have no clue who I am.  No brainer –I’m gone!

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