Change Is In The Air

As summer has faded into fall, there is a chill in the air –even here in the Central California coast area– signifying a time for change. As 2011 nears it’s close, I’ve decided it’s the time to revamp my virtual showroom and begin anew with the launch of my new and improved website:

PamDesigns is still a kitchen and bath design service and the web address is still the same. The look is updated to show my more recent work and has been moved to to incorporate this blog. My business model has changed also. I’ve narrowed the scope of the service offering to modular cabinet dealers only. I’ve also changed the way I charge to a “box count” system from the “linear foot” system I used in the past. The intent is to make it easier for those who will be using the service as it is geared toward modular cabinetry.

So stop by and have a look. I’m still tweaking a few things (or rather my web designer Jason is) so be aware there are still some updates to be made. But generally, the new and improved is live and ready to go!


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