Progress is Slow

Turns out the new opening I am adding to the dining room from the new kitchen is going through a bearing wall and in a part that is a sheer wall. This means that in addition to the wall supporting weight, there are panels that were added that protect the structure from the effects of wind and earthquake loads on the structure.  Probably explains why there wasn’t a doorway in that location in the first place…. And justifies my reason for wanting to put one there.  To me the additional cost is worth making the space much more functional.

So it looks like there will be added costs for the work of a structural engineer in order to get my plans permitted. Fortunately because the house is fairly new, the original engineer for the property was located and will be making the drawings and instructions to the builders which eliminates some costs and exploratory work that may have been necessary for an older structure.

Not surprising –this is going to add at least a week to two weeks to my timeline.

In the meantime, I’ve created some renderings of what I hope the end result will resemble.

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