In Defense of Pinterest

Along with the popularity of the site are those who would tear it down.  Many complain that copyrights are violated and many use the site to promote their own interests.  In response to these complaints, I would like to point out that anybody who posts an image on the internet and expects that no one will copy it is a fool.  As an artist, I post the images so that others can enjoy them.  As long as they aren’t using them for illegal purposes, I could care less.  Yes people, I like my ego stroked like anybody else would.  Whatever monetary gains I have received for these works are not a result from sharing them on social networking sites.

I have on occasion come across pins that were intended for promoting business and find them distasteful and likely a waste of time.  The vast majority of pins I’ve seen are images that I and others with common interests share.  I find Pinterest to be more like ‘electronic scrapbooking’ than anything else.  Harmless except that I find myself becoming more and more addicted to it and spending MUCH more time at it than I’d like to admit.  Kind of like when I first started ‘Tweeting’ about four years ago.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually.  But for know I’m really enjoying it.

And for those nay sayers that are whining about it, just remember what people said about Facebook and Twitter when you started a few years ago. I’m sure you can find many more valid issues to complain about… Shall we talk politics?  The economy?  Religion?  World hunger?  I’m sure pinning is far less pinteresting.


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