Antiquing in Eugene

During my exile in Eugene, I’ve spent some time with my bestee Glenna scoping out the antique stores here and in Springfield (Eugene’s sister city on the other side of the Willamette and I5).  Surprisingly, prices are very reasonable and my husband will be thrilled that I haven’t broke the bank with the few bit’s and pieces I’ve accumulated.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve bought.  The round glass “pizza plate” will look dandy on the wall over my range top. It even came with a picture hanger attached!  So –of course it was meant to be!Image

We went to several shops but I wanted to share a couple of them with you.  One is called “Glory Days Antiques” that is on Main Street in Springfield.  (A little side unrelated bit of useless information:  This Springfield –as there are many in the country– has been recently established as the one where the fictional cartoon characters of the Simpsons live.)  Glory Days Antiques, however, is a classy establishment with lovely vignettes.  They even have a sandwich shop –and from past experience I can say their food is delicious.  This is no small shop. There are many dealers that share the space.




Anther shop that I enjoyed was Hollywood Antiques of Eugene.  It’s in an old Hollywood Video store… they kept the name and the sign.  It’s not as fancy with designerly vignettes like Glory Days… but it has LOTs of neat stuff and their prices were fabulous.


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