My kitchen remodel is in full gear.  I’ve managed lots of kitchen and bath remodels for others as a professional K&B designer, but this is the first time I’ve remodeled my own spaces.  Let me just say, this is an experience that no matter how much you think you are prepared for, you can’t know what it’s like until you do it –even if you are “in the business”.  I have spent significant time and written volumes trying to prepare clients and others letting them know what to expect when you remodel a space in your home.  Believe me –I DO know stuff.  But it’s a whole other ballgame when it’s your own space. I now feel that before anyone who is in the business of remodeling should be REQUIRED to have (somebody else who is qualified) remodel their spaces before they touch anybody else’s.  So, to all my former clients who read this blog… Please accept my apologies!  I know it turned out OK –even fabulous in most cases (and you did ask for it).  Suffice to know, I now know what it’s like to give up control of extreme changes to my most precious possession:  my home.

They are messing with MY space, the largest investment I’ll ever make, and besides my person, the realm where I have the most control.  That’s the toughest part… giving up control.  So the GC who is also a good friend was more than happy to see me leave town before they started tearing up the kitchen, laundry room and powder room.  And I quote:  “No offense… but you really don’t need to be here… We’ve been doing this for awhile.”  This after I asked:  “You’re going to cover up the new floors?  You know where to park?  Set up your tools?  Where to put the old cabinets that we’re reinstalling in the new laundry room? And on and on…”

So without me there to micro manage them… they’ve begun.  Everything seems to be going just fine (so reports my husband).  My teenager sent me a couple of picture of the demo and nothing yet has surprised me (except that they took down the drywall which I was not expecting…. YIKES.  I think this has to do with moving the shear wall that IS part of the plan.  Still… I keep repeating my mantra:  “They know what they’re doing… They know what they’re doing… They know what they’re doing…They…”  :-O

I’m still out of town visiting my daughter and her family in Eugene, Oregon.  I’m typing this on my daughter’s computer and hoping I can get this blog post to post correctly… We’ll see.  The weather is acting up and there is reportedly going to be snow in the passes.  I don’t have chains, so am planning to stay a day longer than I’d planned –hoping the weather channel’s prediction of warmer weather on the weekend holds true.  Regardless, the grand kids are happy to have me stay and I’m enjoying them… but I’m aching to get back home and stick my nose in it.  It’s only been four days since they started.

So as promised, here are the before photos of the kitchen as well as the demo photo’s sent to me by my son:


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