Progress Report

Our neighborhood is usually so quiet you could hear a pin drop most days –except for the wind that usually kicks up in the afternoons and the occasional vehicle passing by the other side of my garden wall that is on a commuter feeder road that gets moderate use in the morning and afternoons on weekdays.  But this morning was different.  It was one of our semi-annual community yard sales.  Of course we had a few things to put out for sale due to the remodel and a lot of things that we just wanted to get rid of.  So at about 6 a.m. we hauled our sleepy butts out of bed and into the fog to set out our wares.  By 7 we’d made our first sale… the old white microhood was gone.

Never thought we’d get so excited to discover a slightly used compound miter saw that a neighbor used to build a deck last summer.  The sale of my husband’s old chainsaw parts and welding helmets were more than enough to cover the cost.  By 11:30 the sun was beating down and the passersby began to trail off. So I packed up our leftovers and hauled them off to Goodwill.  All in all, a successful event.  My husband with his new chop saw.. and me with a little less junk.  (Lets not talk about the treasures I found from my neighbors –like a set of 6 antique plates, some wire shelves, and some games to keep my grandson busy when he comes to visit this summer.)  

Regarding the remodel, things are moving right along.  The guys who are doing the remodel are old friends and super easy to work with.  If you live somewhere on the California Central Coast, I would highly recommend Mission Kitchens and Construction.  They are AWESOME!

I’m especially happy that they were able to hook up our laundry set so that we don’t have to go to the laundromat again.  That’s a PITA!  And boy have they got expensive since the last time I used one several years ago!  

So far there have been no major unexpected issues that are worth reporting.  One for the “Small World” record though:  It turns out that the guy who is our city inspector used to be one of our local solid surface fabricators.  I thought he looked familiar.  Though these days, I guess one should expect a dynamic shift in the work force and who’s doing what.  This area is vast if you look at it on the map, but not an “urban hub” if you catch my drift.  There aren’t that many players…. and even less since the economy took a dive.

I have to say, just the framing going up gives me chills.  I’m so excited seeing the space that once only existed in my head and on paper start to take shape.  Here are some views of the space as it now exists this weekend:ImageImageImage


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