Future Home Office ~ Guest Quarters

Today on a Twitter Chat #DesignPinThurs we’ve been talking about small space design.  Because I’m a kitchen designer, my posts have been mostly about kitchens but what inspires me personally is the potential of converting my youngest son’s room to my work-at-home office that would also work for guest accommodations on occasion someday.  I’ve created a couple of renderings on Chief that look somewhat like the end result would look like:


My present ‘office’ is in the laundry room (that used to be an extra bedroom).  My hope is to someday listen to music while I’m working instead of the spin cycle!  I’m also not doing as much sewing as I’d like to be because all of the storage space is filled with office supplies and there’s no room left for my cutting table due to my computer desk.

When my daughter and her family and my older son all came to visit this summer for a family gathering, it became evident that additional sleeping accommodations (beyond our tiny guest room) would have been great.  Not something that we need taking up space all of the time, but just when we need it a couple of times a year.  I want something a little more comfortable than an inflatable mattress and space that would offer them a bit more privacy than sprawling out on the family room sofa will allow.  ImageImage

In this new office space (about 10′ x 11′) there is a closet that I would like to use to house a wall bed (aka Murphy bed).  I’ve found a few options on line and some that were shared via the Twitter Chat.  I especially like the Zoom Room idea, though I think at a starting price point of $1400 a bit beyond my means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKHKQn41pio&feature=em-share_video_user# Image

There is extra closet space I could borrow from the laundry room next door (that used to be a bedroom) to create an additional closet space for the new office/guest room.  This would be necessary if we wanted to maintain the resale value of the house as a three-bedroom house.  But this is not something high on my list of priorities right now.


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