In the Spirit of Things

Am I hearing the distant and faint “jingle, jangle” of Christmas bells?  No, I’m hearing them loud and clear coming from my TV!  And I don’t want to be.  I am simply amazed at how much earlier year after year the folks responsible for the commercialization of the Holiday Season manage to con us into decking our halls with the latest trends in festive baubles and bling.  It’s too early folks!  I don’t want to sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner and see my Christmas Tree.  And, when I do put up my tree, it is going to look pretty much like it did last year.  I want the children at my table (if I had them) to have dreams of the pumpkin pie -not sugar plums- dancing through their little heads.  (Actually I haven’t a clue what sugar plums are and have obviously never made them.)  Though I certainly expect they shall be dropping hints about what they hope to discover on Christmas morning-  under the tree that is NOT up yet.  Yesseree –I’m a nostalgic traditionalist and love the notion of the holidays as I have dreamed of them my entire life.  While I dream of change in politics (such as may occur as a result of Obamacare)… when it comes to holiday traditions, I do not.  Some things should never change.  The unfolding of the seasons this time of the year is the one thing that makes the passing of summer tolerable. (We don’t get to see much in the way of seasonal changes here on the California Central Coast, so I have to be content with the images I’ve found on Pinterest and the Autumn wallpaper and screensaver I created for my computer screen.)   I’m not getting any younger, so I want the unfolding to drag on as long as possible.

My Facebook  friend Pat recently bought a house.  Since retiring from a career of many years as a flight attendant she is finally going to spend her Holiday Season at home and is finally getting to celebrate Christmas on Christmas.  She posted a picture of her tree that she recently put up in her new home.  It is lovely!  A comment followed by another FB friend to her post  “You’ve been in the air toooo long; It’s Happy Thanksgiving then Merry Christmas !!!! LOL 😉;) Hope you have BOTH!!!!! :)”  Considering her history ~she gets a pass I think.

Don’t get me started on the new “Black Thursday” that used to be “Black Friday”!  No, I haven’t done my Christmas shopping and this does not inspire me to jump in head first either.  I guess not everybody is going to be slaving over a hot stove putting a Thanksgiving meal together that usually eats up the major part of the day -a preoccupation that pretty much negates any opportunity to hit the mall at the crack of dawn in search of  ‘deals’.  Do I care that retailers are screwing their employees out of holiday family time?  No not really~ jobs are hard to come by these days and most people I’ve talked to are grateful for the opportunity to earn the cash.  Many of them are the ‘extra help’ hired for the Holiday Season anyway (earlier this season than before).  It’s pretty much expected if you work in retail.  Sorry guys.  I’m likely to do my shopping right here behind my computer screen as I mostly have for the past several years.  The lines are much shorter.

Many commercials this year are now focused squarely on the New Normal with a holiday twist.  I love that the TV gods have seen fit to allow gays to be portrayed on TV shows as parents, lovers, spouses, and well rounded respectable  individuals that have jobs and pay their taxes ~and not serial killers or serial victims set out to destroy the moral fabric of American society.  What I don’t love is that during the limited space and time continuum of a TV commercial, it is done with whiny insipid people who come across as ‘queeny’ so that you get that they’re gay.   Somehow, I’m anticipating a backlash in the future of TV programming ~ but perhaps my expectations are futile.  Laundry, dish cleaning,  toilet and floor scrubbing are still done pretty exclusively by middle class women of child-bearing age as they have been since the television was invented.  Good changes in the history of TV:  people of color do not necessarily get killed off first.  Bad changes:  Have you noticed it’s recently become OK to say “shit” during prime time on some networks?  Expected changes:  A commercial suggesting you give your same-sex partner the latest flavor  in KY for Christmas this year or what Santa will be giving Mrs. Santa this year because he’s started a daily regimen of Cialis.  ¡Oye! ~I’m so glad I don’t have little kids at home anymore so that I don’t have to explain stuff!

If you must put up a tree before Thanksgiving, this one is really cute! Love the owls!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to end this post on a more pleasant ( and less snarky) fashion.  To celebrate the day in the spirit for which the day was made, I want to give thanks for all that I am grateful for.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have a wonderful home that has been recently remodeled with the kitchen of my dreams and the dust has settled.  I have a wonderful loving husband and three fabulous children and two brilliant and beautiful grandchildren that I am soooo proud of.  I voted in an election and am happy to say pretty much everything I voted for passed (which just never ever has happened in my life before) and my hope for change (in areas with actual importance)  has found new vigor.  I am grateful also that you have taken the time to read my meanderings and allowed me a brief moment on the soap box.  I truly hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season the way you want it to be.


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