My Apples Fell Not Far From the Tree

If there is one trait that typifies my family through the generations, it is the need to create artistically.  If you read the about page bio on my website, the first thing I related to you was my family growing up.  My dad (who was a professional photographer for much of his life) constantly remodeling our houses and my mom (who was a hair dresser and had a beauty shop for nearly a decade) was a life-long avid quilter.  I grew up in a home surrounded by passion for fashion and interior design –though I think my parents would deny it vehemently were they alive to read this.  My grandfather was a fisherman by trade, but built a couple of houses when he was on shore.  My other grandfather was a mining engineer –but passed down his love of cabinetmaking and wood crafting to my father.

I’m not sure what instilled my love of creating art that began so long ago nor can I remember when it started.  My family always encouraged my ‘hobbies’ and made sure I always had the tools I needed to produce my crafts whether it was painting, drawing or sewing.  They also discouraged my career aspirations in that direction… though obviously to no avail.  If not for my ‘art’ I don’t know who I would be or what I would do.  It is the characteristic that links me to my family and the identifier that I use to label myself.  It is without question the major attribute I have passed onto my own children.

I have three children:  JasonThe oldest is Jason and he is a web designer who likes to paint in pastels in a primitive style once in awhile.

chirstinaChristina is the middle one.  She is a hair designer who specializes in color.  She loves Mid-century Modern and vintage modern decor.

MicoMy youngest, Mico, is a street artist.  He’s just out of high school and thinking about pursuing a college education where he can legally develop his passion (I hope!) as a graphic artist.

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