Alameda Project

I’ve currently posted some views to my Facebook Page of some renderings that I created using Chief Architect software that will ultimately be added to my website portfolio. These were from a plan that I designed using Chief specifically for a portfolio piece.  All of the rendering (ray tracing) was done with Chief as well. Some minor touch ups were done with Photoshop Elements. For my fellow Chief users:  each ray trace took about 10 to 15 hours to run using the ‘high quality’ setting with variations of photon mapping and final gathering settings depending on the surfaces. I’ve learned that shiny metals can create all kinds of havoc and getting stainless steel to ‘represent’ is probably the hardest thing to render. Each view has a corresponding file where I deleted everything that wasn’t in the view to shorten the rendering time as much as possible.  All in all, I started this design about three weeks ago and the rendering process for about two of those weeks.

The current seven renderings are of the “public” indoor spaces that includes the kitchen, dining and livingroom spaces with views to the entry foyer and the outdoor deck that overlooks the hills in a rural setting that you would typically find in the area known as Alameda just outside of Oakland in the Bay Area of Northern California.. The views take place in the winter (date/time set for current) and vary from afternoon to night lighting.

My style choice for this design was decidedly modern. Primarily because my portfolio to date has represented traditional styling. I wanted to show that I am equally adept at modern and contemporary design. I also pointedly chose cool colors, sleek linear lines, hard edges and lots of stainless steel to show that these materials and shapes can exist in a space without making it seem too cold and uncomfortable. The success of this space has much to do with lighting and complementary textured pieces as well as lots of greenery and organic elements that soften the space. The effect I think is very livable.

Next, I will be working on the master suite. And in the future, designing the outdoor spaces and landscaping. There is a media room I may throw in eventually.Dining Room 1 Dining Room 2 Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 Living Room 1 Living Room 2 Living Room 3

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