A sad day today. My parrot Gabby passed away today rather suddenly. She had an amazing repertoire and imitated the voices of the many people who lived with her over the years. She liked to sing and was well known for her rendition of “La Cucaracha”. Born in Mexico and smuggled into the US, she was not leg banded but later was given documents (I’m assuming) when when she was owned by her first owner- a friend of the family who had a pet store. She was ill when she first came to the US and nursed to health by the pet store owner. Erwin had her for the first half of her life. Eventually she came to live with my parents who passed away about 6 years ago. She came to be my constant companion for the past 7 years. It is painfully quiet today.


Gabby was 37 years old. RIP Gabby.

Here are a couple of pictures Jason (my oldest son) sent that he took recently when he visited with his dog Mila. Gabby had no fear of anyone or anything… especially dogs. When faced with a barking adversary (who really just wanted to play)… her response?  Get as close as she could and say “C’mon baby!”  Really said that a lot because that is our cat’s name and she called her all the time. Bebe lost interest in her long ago and were often seen on the patio (Gabby in her cage) cat sprawled out in the sunlight taking a snooze.

gabby & mila gabby 2


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  1. Sorry for your loss Pam. These little fellas are part of our families, so sad when they have to go. I bonded with my boyfriend’s Cockatiel. He runs up my arm with I open his cage door, and I look forward to his company all the time. I know what you mean about the companionship.