Back in the Saddle Again!

Wow it’s sure been awhile since I posted to this blog.  And for some unknown reason, the last post or two has disappeared. Much has happened since I last posted in early June.  Summer has come and…. well not quite gone yet.  Here on the California Central Coast region we’ve been having dry warm weather.  Haven’t seen a drop of rain here in at least two months.  They say we are having a record drought and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that no one gets careless with fire, because it wouldn’t take much to burn down the whole area.

Since I last posted, I told you about an impending trip to Memphis, Tennessee where I met with other “Blogger 19” guests sponsored by Brizo Faucets.  Brizo is the ‘high end’ sister company of Delta faucet.  What a wonderful trip that was.  The Brizo folks put us all up in the Peabody Hotel.  Here are a couple of shots of the ballroom where they held a celebration for all of us one evening.  What a beautiful place.

Peabody Hotel Ballroom

Peabody Hotel Ballroom



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