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Even though it’s been a few months since the trip, the events I attended and the contacts I made have made impressions in my memory that I will not soon forget.  How wonderful it was to meet so many more people who have been Twitter and Facebook Friends for so long… Some I can count in terms of years now.  And all of them so interesting.  I made new friends too, like Canadian Laura Bieleck who now calls Dubai her home.  And I thought I traveled a long way! So many others I enjoyed meeting that were not among my original group of 19 but I had come to know also from my foray into social media.  I don’t want to name anymore names because I’m afraid I might miss somebody.  All the same, I so enjoyed meeting them all –old friends and new!

Like the first trip that was in New York a few years ago during fashion week, time was spent learning about the Brizo and Delta products.  The technology behind many of the features demonstrated are patented and unique to these products. For instance, Brizo’s “hands free technology” is unique in the industry:

“Brizo Hands-Free Technology is one of the most advanced sensing technologies in the industry today for electronic faucets. With the ability to accurately sense the user’s distance, regardless of external factors such as light reflection, clothing color and textures or dryness of one’s skin, Brizo Hands-Free Technology provides consistent, dependable results.

Using the principles of triangulation, Brizo Hands-Free Technology measures the angle of the returned beam to detect the user, resulting in a reliable performance. With superior sensing, the infrared technology calculates distance and activates when an object is placed within a set proximity.

Other Infrared technology works on the intensity of light, which may detect outside influences and cause the faucet or toilet to activate unnecessarily, one of the key concerns of those in the industry. With a response time of four pulses per second, Brizo Hands-Free Technology provides a good balance between reaction time and battery conservation.”

Our scheduled events included a trip the Delta Factory in Jackson, Tennessee.  There we had the opportunity to see the manufacturing process from the production of parts where nothing is wasted in the process, to the assembly of the products made (every aspect is checked and double checked for quality –It doesn’t leave the factory unless proven to work!) to the massive and complex packaging and shipping facility.  In the middle we got to experience quite a thunderstorm that temporarily shut off the power.  It brought me back to the days I lived in Texas –I do miss the pyrotechnics of Midwestern thunderstorms but I guess I’m thankful for the relative safety from them I enjoy in California! Back at the Peabody, we got to try out Brizo and competitive technologies for our selves. We also got a sneek peek at new items that were not on the market yet.  Quite a treat!IMG_0659[1]

Brizo has been a sponsor of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Dream Home Giveaway since 2010.  They provide fixtures in the kitchens and baths for each St. Jude Dream Home throughout the country.  Current Dream Home Giveaways are in Bowling Green, KY, Jackson, MS, Oaklahoma City, OK, Paducah, KY, Shreveport, LA, and St. Louis, MO. Since the first Dream Home Giveaway in 1991, St. Judes has expanded this program greatly.  They will give away nearly 30 homes this year.  St. Judes is in Memphis and a highlight of the trip for me was touring this wonderful facility that does so much good for so many.  In their words: “…the power of dreams is limitless.  They are supporting St. Jude to help realize the biggest dream of all: curing childhood cancer…And while the giveaway offers participants a chance to win, it really gives supporters the guarantee of helping families in the most difficult times of their lives.”IMG_0626[1]

It was so awesome to see an entity of so much good in the midst of so much pain and suffering.  Aside from the fact that they have made so many strides in the prevention and cure of many kinds of cancers and related childhood illness, there were so many other aspects of this facility that just blew my socks off! Did you know that not a single family who’s child is being treated there pays a penny for the treatment?  One of the features of the St. Jude’s campus we toured was Target House that has apartments that are brightly decorated for the families that “live” there. And of course, at every turn it seemed, there was a reminder or tribute to Danny Thomas who started it all.IMG_0628[1]

So much detail is given to making life at St. Jude’s as close to “home” as possible.  Children continue to go to school at the hospital.  St. Judes educational efforts include keeping the child’s work not only at grade level, but at the level they would be at –including subject matter and content– of the school they came from so that when they return, they are at the same level as their classmates.  There’s even a prom for high school and junior high school kids! Research at St. Judes has benefited everyone, not just the patients there.  For instance, nutrition and prevention and treatment of common viruses helps everyone –but these are issues that effect children with life-threatening ailments far more than healthy people.

St. Judes

St. Judes

IMG_0637[1] IMG_0639[1] IMG_0640[1]

Yes, it had a huge impact on me.  This was an event I will never forget.  Thank you everyone at Brizo for yet another once-in-a-lifetime experience!


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