We Loved It but Listed It

You might be wondering why it’s taken me so long to get around to blog writing again. For starters, it’s been two months since I’ve had a computer.  I thought about purchasing a new tablet, but decided the money would be better spent on a new toilet. After selling our house, we moved into a ‘pet friendly’ Holiday Inn for a couple of weeks until our new home purchase closed.  For the first month we lived without gas and all of our stuff was in storage while we completed some things that HAD to be done.  The former homeowner was very neglectful of the property both inside and out.  There was much to be done before we could bring our stuff in and we ‘camped in’ –sleeping on an inflatable bed and cooking in the microwave.  The movers finally brought our furniture just a week ago and most of it is still packed in plastic wrap and in boxes as we have much more to do.

As some of you know, we finished a major remodel on our previous home just a little over a year ago.  So selling it and doing it all over again probably sounds a little nutty.  Here are a few reasons why:  1. The old neighborhood was actually only about 5 years old.  It was a valley subdivision with trees of about the same age.  I missed trees.  2. In the two years that I lived there, I hardly knew any of my neighbors –only a few by name.  Not a very neighborly neighborhood.  3. Like my neighbors, the house was always cold –even when it was 90 degrees outside.  There were few south-facing windows and they were in the areas we spent the least time in.  It was very dark in there.  The new place is filled with sunlight. 4. It had become very expensive and the taxes were unreal.  5. Our youngest child moved out so we didn’t need that many bedrooms.  In the end- all of these negatives did not make me want to stay even though I loved my new kitchen.  We decided to LIST IT! It helped that the housing market had taken an upswing and there were very few homes for sale in our area, so we had no problem selling it within the first week of the listing.  I’m still kicking myself thinking I should have asked for more.  At the time, I felt happy just to walk away with (almost) what we invested  even though we had clearly ‘overbuilt’ for the neighborhood.

Having joined the 55+ Club just a couple of years ago, I now qualify to order off the senior menu most places, get a ten percent discount at Ross on Tuesdays, and can live in a senior community.  In our area, when you’re not talking about assisted living or “the home”, (No I’m not quite ready for Shady Pines), you’re talking about either condo living or a manufactured home.  We chose the latter. We are living in a “park” of like-minded people who are somewhat more sociable than our former neighbors.  As many of them are retired, we see some of them often as they walk their doggies past our family room windows that look out onto a community green belt with TREES! We have a clubhouse with an awesome, warm, clean swimming pool and spa that I try to enjoy as often as I can.  There are several community events such as potlucks and hamburger dinners and bingo… to name a few.

Our “coach” is a triplewide and is just a couple hundred square feet less than the ‘stick-built’ house was.  We have less rooms but they’re generally larger than the other house had. There are vaulted ceilings throughout with large picture windows in the family room at the north end and multiple windows in the living room (which will be my office) at the south end.  The bedrooms and the kitchen are in the middle.

However… there are ‘issues’.  This is a 25 year old mobile home that has lots of deferred maintenance to do as well as some updating to be done.  In short, there isn’t one space in here that doesn’t need some sort of fixing -inside or out.  The woman who lived here before (in the words of several of the neighbors) was a sweet widow who smoked like a chimney.  I don’t smoke.  So as you might guess –EVERYTHING is being replaced.  The first thing we did was to pull up all of the carpet (that was even in the master bath –YUK– an ’80’s thing), scrape the cottage cheese texture from the ceilings, and remove all of the window coverings before we could move in.  We painted everywhere. We’re about 2/3 done installing new laminate flooring. Moved and redesigned a wall so one does not see into the guest bath from the dining room and front door. Yanked an unneeded utility sink out of the laundry room to make more storage space for my pantry and discovered leaking that had to be repaired. Repaired a dry rot issue from an old roof leak near the front porch and replaced the front porch stoop. PHEW! –And we’ve a long way to go!  Two good things –the house came with a new roof and a new furnace. YAY!

I just ordered cabinets for the kitchen that I remodeled on graph paper.  There’s an 8-week lead time on them so we won’t have a new kitchen until mid to late December.  After that, we’ll tackle the master bedroom and ensuite bath.  We aren’t going to deal with the outside until next spring.  I have that long to talk my husband into taking down the UGLY metal awning over our side patio that blocks my view of the huge (gorgeous) pepper tree outside my kitchen window.

Here are some ‘before’ pictures.  The stained glass is in our front door.  I love it.  The door needs refinishing –eventually.  By by for now, from the money pit! 😉

IMG_0663[1]IMG_0679[1] IMG_0688[1] IMG_0675[1] IMG_0674[1] IMG_0689[1] IMG_0662[1]


2 responses to “We Loved It but Listed It

  1. Computer verses toilet? Wow! I would have gone for the computer! Only kidding, however, I’d go crazy with my electronic hookup for two months. Good to have you back!

  2. Yes indeed –it was rough! And except for the two weeks in the hotel, there was no TV either. I spent a lot of time searching product on my iphone. But mostly we were asleep as soon as the sun went down.