Impending Construction Zone

Though I’ve been living in a construction zone to one degree or another  since we moved during mid August, nothing is quite the same as living with a kitchen remodel.  Having lived through a major one just a little over a year ago, I’m bracing myself for the impending upheaval. Unavoidable at this point, we’ve reached the point of no return. The design is way past done, the Dewils cabinets are ordered, finishes mostly determined… and the appliances are starting to arrive. No going back now!Dewils Cabinets

The Samsung stainless refrigerator that we brought with us is in the garage and is sporting a few minor dings from the moving process. It is too big to fit through the doors to come into the kitchen presently. Anyhow, the space designated for a refrigerator is too small and now houses a mini fridge. We will have to take the glass out of the sliding doors in the adjacent family room, we’ve decided as the most realistic way of getting the behemoth into the kitchen as all of the doors in this ’80’s mobile home are too small to fit it through –even the exterior doors. usappliance_2268_238924793

The Bosch dishwasher and Vigo stainless steel farm sink both arrived this week.  Inspected and determined to have survived shipping just fine.  For the time being, I’ve discovered that ordering on line for big ticket items is a prudent idea, since many online retailers offer free freight and, if it’s being sent from out of state, are sales tax free as well. I understand that this is slated to change in the State of California next year when we are supposed to start paying sales tax on internet purchases wherever they originate. Glad I’m doing this now!  Since the last remodel I learned a few things about online purchases… I wouldn’t buy used again. There are some good deals out there for appliances that are showroom models or refurbished (like those available from Sears Outlet), but you have to look closely and read descriptions and photos if provided to see dings. Also, showroom or clearance items may have partial or no manufacturer’s warranty available. My new dishwasher came from US Appliance.  I would highly recommend them.  The price was the best anywhere –even without consideration of being tax free.  They are very professional and easy to work with.  Delivery was fast and customer service the best I’ve dealt with anywhere. The Vigo sink came from –again another easy-peasy transaction and the best price anywhere (plus no tax or freight charges).VIGO-30-inch-Farmhouse-Stainless-Steel-16-Gauge-Single-Bowl-Kitchen-Sink-P11313032usappliance_2272_160615644

In about a week or so, the LG range and microhood will be arriving from my local Home Depot.  I bought them through the store –they’re being shipped in from somewhere.  From my point of view, I don’t see any difference than if I’d bought them online through another source like US Appliance or A. J. Madison (another wonderful online retailer).  It just so happened that Depot’s price was the best even after taxes at the time I purchased it that was around a Labor Day sale time period.extenda-vent-465x265

LG rangeSo as the appliances and building materials are piling up in the garage… the invasive onslaught that is coming is undeniable.  Fortunately, this remodel is not as extensive as the last one, so I’m not expecting the construction interruption to last as long as the last one.  Hope I’m not just wishful thinking…

On the bright side, there are starting to be signs of Fall. We have trees here.  Big ones that have leaves that are changing color. Something I’ve not enjoyed since living in Oregon more than thirteen years ago. Not to the magnitude of the northwest season changes… but at least we get a little color.  The weather is still quite warm… most days in the 80’s now. We can still swim in our magnificent pool for a couple more weeks. Still enjoying my new community.


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