Dust Has Settled Temporarily

Yesterday my stinky old kitchen was removed. Retrospectively, it all seemed to happen very quickly when one considers we have been waiting to get started since we purchased this place last August. We are in a holding pattern right now as Thanksgiving is tomorrow and nobody will be returning to work until next Tuesday.  I think we’re due for a break anyway as my husband has been working nonstop at his ‘honey-do’ list whenever he hasn’t been at his real job (that has been a six-day-a-week occupation for the past year). So aside from a few more things that I’ll predict he’ll attack over his four-day holiday, we’ll try to make a couple of little road trips.  For sure we’re going to Solvang which is just a half-hour drive away to see their autumn/holiday decorations and enjoy being tourists for a day or two.

Here is what my kitchen looks like now:IMG_0755[1]IMG_0754[1] IMG_0752[1]IMG_0751[1]


Notice the plywood patch on the floor. That’s where the dishwasher had been next to the sink —and the source of the stinkyness. I think it had been leaking for years and the former owner just replaced the dishwasher and did not fixed the leak! UGH!  Manufactured homes typically use particle board as subflooring instead of plywood (I’m guessing because it’s cheaper). Particle board soaks up water or spilled liquid like a sponge and just rots and disintegrates. The smell is horrific. The cabinets were also particle board –same thing: they absorbed smells (former owner was a smoker). It was so bad I couldn’t store my dishes in them unless I removed the doors.

So now my own experience with particle board confirms what I have been told as a kitchen and bath designer for years by cabinet manufacturers who use plywood to create their cabinet boxes. Particle board sucks. Plywood is better. At least over the long haul.


2 responses to “Dust Has Settled Temporarily

  1. Don’t envy you, beloved did our kitchen last year, even built the units himself,we are now doing the bathroom, my goodness the dust & dirt is worse than the renovation!!!!!

  2. Hi Roma! Don’t you know it! We will be tackling our master bath after the kitchen reno is done– provided we have the funds. You can never tell how far over budget it’s going to be. Just expect that there will be.