Progress Report ~ Cabinets

The installation of cabinets in a kitchen remodel is (for me) the point in the process that makes it real. The point that makes the new kitchen tangible and not just an idea waiting to evolve. Yes we painted, installed flooring and had the electrical work and lighting done, but those are things that can happen in any room of the house but are not necessarily identifiers that shout out “this space is going to be a kitchen”. Nothing does that better than the cabinetry going in. And today, we have cabinets that make the room say: “I am a kitchen”.

Here are the “in process” photos of the kitchen with most of the base cabinets down and the template being constructed for the counter tops  My husband installed the flooring over the weekend and my son and I painted yesterday. The counter top needs to be fabricated and installed because there is upper cabinetry that is destined to sit on it. Luckily the counter top is being fabricated by the same contractor that is installing the cabinets. One of the really great things about solid surface acrylic is that counter tops made of it can be fabricated by a cabinet maker using woodworking tools. If we were going to use stone (man-made or natural) it would have been a much longer and costlier process.



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