Christmas Dinner on the Barby

Not having a kitchen turned out not to be much of an obstacle this Christmas. Temperatures reached 80 degrees yesterday and it seemed appropriate to barbecue a “Santa Maria style tri-tip roast” for Christmas Dinner. I also wrapped some sweet potatoes in foil and cooked them on the grill with the roast. Along with these I was able to cook my family’s traditional green beans with bacon and onion on the side burner of the barbecue.  I served the same fruit salad and jellied cranberries that I have always included for Christmas. Having the use of a the full-sized fridge was great for the leftovers. I did miss having a little more counter space as the large cutting board on the dryer in our pantry/laundry room was a poor substitute.

This unseasonably warm weather has made me think of Christmas as it is celebrated in parts of the world where it is actually warm like this every year. I’ve been following the progress of Blogger 19 friend Sarah Lloyd who’s been in a round-the-world race in a sailboat for the past few months and is currently celebrating in Sydney, Australia. She’s originally from Wales and now calls the San Francisco Bay Area her home, so this isn’t the type of weather she’s used to at Christmas. My husband’s family on the other hand, is from Mexico. Christmas is celebrated quite differently there.  Just the same, my husband has lived more of his life in the US than there and I think has grown accustomed to our traditional Anglo celebration.

Since I was a little girl in Southern California, I longed for a white Christmas. When I was a tween, my folks moved us to a sheep ranch in Oregon where I lived for the next 30 or so years. We occasionally got a white Christmas there (about every 5 years or so). When I was raising my oldest children, it was our tradition to get a permit and go up into the nearby mountains and cut a fresh tree. It was a day-long trip that included singing Christmas carols and drinking hot cocoa. Now that I’m back in the land of no snow not ever, it’s those trips that I miss the most. However, barbecuing a tri tip is a new tradition I look forward to as it was among the truly best Christmas dinners I’ve ever made!


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