Pamela RodriguezWelcome to PamDesigns Blog. I like to write about all sorts of things. Many of which have nothing to do with design or my computer-generated artwork. Sometimes it’s very specifically tied to it. For the most part, it can be viewed as a newsletter and a platform for my opinions. This is where I will continue to post articles related to interior design, kitchen and bath products, Chief Architect and other software that I use for PamDesigns 3D, personal anecdotes, people I know (and some I don’t), stories about interesting places I encounter, relative posts on social network sites and other blogs I read, recipes and food talk…. and other stuff!  Don’t look for a consistent theme here –you will be disappointed. If you are looking to be surprised, amused and enlightened, than you won’t be. Clearly I don’t write for the masses and I do not write for the purpose of gaining followers –I do write for those who would find my musings interesting.

My name is Pamela Rodriguez (Pam) and I live in the California Central Coast Area in the town of Santa Maria.  I work from my home based studio offering my business:  PamDesigns 3D.  It is an online service where I create beautifully crafted photo-realistic and artistic renderings. These are computer generated views of residential spaces that are developed from 2D plans, 3D detail models, and photographic 2D images of objects and mateirals. Sometimes fine art effects are applied to computer renderings to give them the look of hand painted artwork such as pin and ink sketches, water color, pallet knife, charcoal or pastel drawing in impressionistic styles on canvas or pressed papers -to name a few.  Clients that commission my work include homeowners, remodelers, architects, designers, real estate professionals, contractors and builders –and maybe even you someday! To see the PamDesigns 3D portfolio, go to my website: www.pamdesigns.net.  PamDesigns 3D also has a Facebook page you can view: https://www.facebook.com/pages/pamdesigns-3D/129609572712?ref=hl

My philosophy: In that writers should write from what they know, I believe that renderings tell a story through visualization. Only through experience can that story be told in a manner that is a true representation of a specific location and the cultural significance found there.  My renderings uniquely illustrate natural lighting and the cultural significance of content as it pertains to time and location.

I recently designed and drafted the plans for my own home remodel. In the year prior to that, I created many beautiful renderings of my ideas in the process of deciding what the design would be. Through this exploration, I created multiple scenarios from building additions and changing various parts of the house. This process was a great way to try alternate designs on for size. It also gave my husband Niceforo and I a basis for forming our budget in relation to what we wanted to accomplish against what we could accomplish. An unexpected aside of this process, along with some work on a few client projects, is that I honed my expertise using CAD and photo editing software and developed my skills creating artistic architectural renderings. I came to realize that this is what I really want to be doing with my time and talent.  It is with great joy that I have decided to focus on the 3-D rendering aspect of my career where I excel.


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